Princesses were hefty…

Bare with me, this I’m a Celebrity thing has really wound me up. Finding out an Olympic medalist is told by the public she is over weight! Who cares she is an Olympian! Anyone can be skinny she has done something barely anyone has done.

This has to stop, am I the only women in the world entirely happy with the way I look? I spent my teenage years and a lot of my early 20’s on a diet until I have up and put my health and guess what.

I am still an actress, still get roles, I am still a funny writer and still have a wonderful family. Nothing will happen if you are not a size zero.
I feel I have gone back a 100 years where women still believe the way a man views them determines their trajectory in life.

It doesn’t, and saying no to that cake will not further you in your career. I am beautiful. I embrace every tiny imperfection on my body because it is mine, it makes me who I am and it tells my story.
From the bump in my nose to the scares on my knee from a drunken fall it’s mine and I adore every part of it.

And I still can’t make my peace with the idea we are teaching people that being skinny is more of a desirably achievement then a gold medal. I feel this madness has gone so far it’s gotten to the stage where it’s become part of society and that’s truly dangerous.

Women are beautiful in so many other ways, Adel’s voice wouldn’t be any more beautiful if she were a few ponds lighter, Jo Brand wouldn’t be any funnier if she fitted into a top shop dress and your world won’t end of you don’t wear a skirt quite as well as the girl advertising it in a magazine does.

The next time you scream ‘no I shouldn’t’ I suggest you consider how you would explain your waste of food to someone starving, how would they react to ‘oh I have to let this go to waste, you see, I need to fit into these skinny jeans! Oh why? Well because this magazine told me I had to’
Just take a moment and consider how stupid these actions are. Be healthy for god sake! Don’t eat 6 cakes a day but know that saying ‘oh go on then’ once in a while and God forbid letting that gym membership go to waste isn’t going to affect your success. If anything it’s an unnecessary distraction.

I live my own fairy tale, one where Rhianna isn’t a role model, where Cinderella is a size 14 and Prince Charming loves a women with a good backside. And you know what, I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise. Because something does taste far better then skinny feels, and it’s happiness.

7 thoughts on “Princesses were hefty…

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    • Aha ha ha! It’s spelt that way deliberately as a joke! Sadly everyone thinks it’s misspelt!!!! Thanks for that! Never tried to be inspiring but if I have been I’ll take it!!!

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